Inspired by family and heritage, Cavalino Tequila was born in 2005. Co-founders Jesús, Abigail, and Jose shared a dream to make a product that people would love, as much as they would love making it.

Driven by this vision, they captured the soul of the Jalisco highlands. That spirit is contained within every bottle of Cavalino Tequila -- the product of ten years of passionate mastery. 


Edición Limitada was created from the glowing success of our classic Cavalino line. This Limited Edition features a numbered, hand-worked decanter, laden with unique hand-drawn renderings of Aztec gods, signed by the artist. 

"From our family's heritage to your family and friends," says Jesús, "we make sure every bottle of Cavalino Tequila is made with only the finest authentic agave in small batches so that every sip and taste is pure Cavalino."